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how we got started

"Creating strong compassionate and resilient communities where people are safe, secure and prepared to meet the challenges of life."

The G70 Foundation was created in 2002, by individuals of Group 70 International, Inc. (dba G70) who wanted to demonstrate their commitment to building better communities in Hawai'i beyond their firm’s professional services. Collectively, they envisioned a future where they belonged to a company that “gives back to the community.” The foundation is a testimony of our values of generosity, civic duty, service and kind-heartedness. Through the G70 Foundation, employees are offered a unique opportunity to create a legacy of giving together for the greater good within a corporate environment. The G70 foundation is an employee directed initiative that is dedicated to serving the community we build.

Two ways that the G70 Foundation expresses G70's values of giving is through its Hawai'i Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund and the G70 Scholarship program.

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