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Helping Hands

grant giving

The G70 Foundation awards grants as a donor advised fund of the

Hawai'i Community Foundation.

Community Non-Profit Organizations are able to register and apply for Grants via the Hawai'i Community Foundation website.

G70 foundation fund

The G70 Foundation sought the expertise of the Hawai'i Community Foundation in developing
an appropriate giving tool. Hawai'i Community Foundation suggested utilizing their Donor Advised Fund services. A Donor Advised Fund provides a way for the contributing employees of G70 to direct donations while the Hawai'i Community Foundation manages the daily aspects of the fund.

Donations to the G70 Foundation Fund are primarily distributed through a grant-making process. Proposals are requested from community organizations. Employee donors review their proposals, make selections, and celebrate with the awardees. The grantmaking process provides a direct way for employees to participate in the selection of awardees, and through the process, learn more about community activities.

fund focus

The G70 Foundation Fund was established to benefit non-profit organizations that focus their efforts on a better living environment in Hawai‘i. The grant making process also provides employee donors a direct way to participate in the selection of awardees, and through the process, learn more about community activities.


We recognize the non-profit organizations’ requests for project funding and strive to evaluate their requests based on the criteria listed below.

our criteria

  • Where relevant, involve active community participation in the development and implementation of the project.

  • Be carried out or covered by an organization recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt and classified as a 501(c)(3) organization.

In addition, our committees and employee volunteers look for:

  • Funds are for projects rather than organizational maintenance.

  • Projects which primarily benefit Hawai'i Communities and which have broad reach within communities.

  • Where relevant, projects must involve active community participation in the development and implement of the project.

  • Projects must address one or more of the following categories:

    • Education​ / Youth Development - Investing into the future, one education at a time

    • Community Development / Housing & Shelter - Building stronger communities and families

    • Design / Art - Good design makes a different in the quality of life

    • Environment / Sustainability - Sustaining people and resources into perpetuity

    • Culture & Humanities - Celebrating the diversity of Hawai'i many cultures


Donations to the fund are accepted from employees of G70 and outside donors as well. All donations are tax deductible and Hawai'i Community Foundation sends out letters to all donors documenting the donations received.

Check contributions should be made payable to the G70 Foundation Fund. 
Donations may not be earmarked for a particular awardee or group. Distribution of funds is decided upon by the employee donors of G70 Foundation.

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